Thursday, February 2, 2012

Advantages of LED bulbs over CFL bulbs

CFL bulbs are very advantageous over the conventional incandescent lamps and the CFL technology has found place in both commercial and home lighting to a large extent. But the newly evolved LED lighting solutions quickly replaced even the CFL lights because of the evident advantages of LED technology over the CFL. The prime advantage of LED bulbs over CFL is the absence of Mercury vapor which is toxic to human beings. So, you don’t have to compromise any more on health for better lighting as there are LED bulbs free of any poisonous substances. LED lights are even more beneficial as they are free from UV radiations whereas CFL lights leaves you exposed to considerable amount of UV radiations.

Another important feature of LED bulbs is the robust design. The body of LED bulbs is made of plastic and aluminum which is more resistant to damages in comparison to CFL light bulbs. Since most of the CFL bulbs are made of glass, it is more prone to damage. Also, CFL bulbs are very sensitive to impacts and sometimes it may shatter causing exposure of toxic substance to the consumers. CFL bulbs are also not competent with LED bulbs when it comes to the start up time. CFL lights take considerable amount of time for starting up whereas LED bulbs will shed the light with full brightness as soon as it is switched on. Also, LED bulbs work well even if it is encountered with frequent on-off cycles while CFL lamps considerably degrade in quality when used in places where frequent on-off cycles are required.

Even though the CFL bulbs have got a considerable amount of life time in comparison with conventional incandescent lamps, the life time of CFLs is not even comparable with LED bulbs. LED bulbs have got a life time nearly 8 times of an ordinary CFL. This feature of LED bulbs is really desirable because one can effectively use this in difficult-to-maintain points. Once you install an LED bulb, forget about it as it is expected to operate a long time without maintenance.

So, make a move to environment friendly lighting with LED bulbs. Even though it is costlier to incorporate LED bulbs for all of your lighting needs, the resultant benefits and advantages of LED bulbs are really worth to weigh against the initial cost. Also, be free from toxic vapors and hazardous ultra violet radiations.

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